Wednesday, 6 January 2016

ReRapPro Closing..

I see very sadly RepRapPro are closing, I got a Mendel 3 for Christmas. HOPE I can get it working now. Some bits missing / wrong and no response to my queries for assistance to date.

"We have decided to close RepRap Professional Ltd.

The company will cease trading on Friday 15 January 2016.  We will service all support and warranty requests up to that date, and fulfill all our outstanding orders.

The market for low-cost 3D printers is now so crowded and so competitive that a small specialist company like ours cannot expand.  So, because we are not bankrupt and we do not have any debts to pay, we have chosen to stop now while we are ahead and to concentrate on other activities.

Note that our closure does not affect RepRapPro China Ltd.  That is a completely separate company  (though we have obviously worked closely with them) and they will continue.

We are an open-source company.  This means that all our designs, software source-code and documentation are freely available online on our website and on Github.  All that information will continue to be available into the future.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us in the past, either as customers or as contributors who have improved our open-source products, or both.  The fact that, unusually for a former company,  we will be able to leave megabytes of useful information available to everyone in perpetuity is due in part to the support from those people



    1. Yeah, that's how I felt.
      I was incredibly fortunate to make it to one of their build sessions in Bath and treasure the experience.
      Learnt such a lot, there is no doubt; I am a better engineer as a result.
      Really great people, good engineering well applied.

      I wish them all the best for the future and hope it's even more exciting.

  2. Yeah, I feel your pain, I too received a Mendel 3 for Christmas as well. I got to the extruder assembly build and learned my parts were different than the instructions. Support helped by telling me to use the fisher instructions but I don't know how it attaches to the frame.

    1. As you saw in the next post I did much research..