Sunday, 2 August 2015

Huxley #710 - NinjaFlex First Production Parts ...

Here are the first production parts printed on Huxley #710 using NinjaFlex Midnight.
Huxley #710 NinjaFlex printed parts.

There are three printed parts. Two end protective bump caps and a flat elastomer seal. The seal is 0.5mm think (two layers) and is the thin black line you can see running down the side of the case. At this thickness its not fully opaque.

I am pleased the seal printed so well, it also serves to accentuate the lines of the box so other colours will have to be checked out when I have the funds to acquire some more NinjaFlex.

The seal has additional functions, such as applying a spring force to the PCB to keep it in place. The rib that runs along the PCB in the image below applies a force to the PCB holding it nicely in place.

The holes in the end of the case allow for mounting brackets to be fitted using captured M3 Nuts in the case. The elastomer boot has holes to allow access to the captive nuts and to allow the antenna connector to pass through.

The NinjaFlex in the image below was printed on Borosilicate glass and you can see the beautiful finish on the surface of the seal. The opposite face is textured as you would anticipate for a printed part.

Huxle #710 NinjaFlex Gasket Seal

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