Sunday, 5 January 2014

Testing Slic3r...

Quick print test with Slic3r this week following the post on the RepRap Pro site that they now use the Slic3r slicer .  There is a new version of Slic3r available as well Slic3r 1.0.0RC2.
First print using Slic3r

Also upgraded marlin to the latest release from the version available 28th December 2013.

I need to tweak the parameters now as there were some blobs that I had managed to tune out with Skeinforge. The default retraction rate from the parameter files supplied by RepRap Pro at 1.6 mm gives blobs. I had previously used at least another 1 mm.

I may give the upgraded slicer software a try as I had problems with managing the different print profiles and having the 0.9.10b  software save the configuration ini file.
Thing 190118 Printed with Slic3r on Huxley #710

The print is a  holder for a filament cleaning sponge, read more about it here.
This print is similar to the classic whistle with included pea as it prints in place. I had to 'crack' the hinge to close it. But it worked first time.

The holder replaces the previous solution:
Original filament  cleaning sponge

Printed in Faberdasherry Squeezed Orange
Sample Part Manufacturing Technical Documentation
Printer : Huxley #710 (RepRap Pro)
Firmware : Marlin 1.0.0 RC2 - 28 December 2013
Software : RepRap Pro Software 811708f - Pronterface
Slicer : Slic3R Release 0.9.10b
Material : PLA - Faberdashery
Material Dia. : 1.77 mm (Msd 1.80 mm )
Nozzle : 0.50 mm
Layer height : 0.30 mm
Layer width : 0.6 mm
Extrusion T : 202 C
Bed T : 60 C
Feed Rate : 30 mm/s
Perimter rat. : 0.5
Cooling Fan : Yes
Bed material: Borosilicate Glass
Design For Manufacture Parameters - Not applicable
Model : Absolute dimensions
Scale : 1:1
Holes : Yes
Layer height : 0.30 mm
Layer width : 0.6 mm
Over hangs : Yes
Support : No
Model Tools
Function: Model checking and model clean up
Tool: NetFab Studio Basic
Version: 4.9

First print with Slic3r, the part did separate at the hinge. Retraction rate wants increasing from default 1.6mm to reduce blobs. Some minor strings. Default print speed settings for Slic3r slightly faster than previously used with Huxley #710 at 30 mm/s.

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