Friday, 26 July 2013

Panelolu I2C Case...

Fed up of all those square cases? I decided that some curves are in order for my LCD case. Additionally I wanted to use strip board rather than a purchased or custom PCB for the first iteration, so a custom housing is in order.

There are some quite nice cases on Thingiverse for the LCD display modules. But they are in the main 
Huxley #710 Curvy Panelolu 2 case - Thing 114414
boxy! So a curvy case was needed to house LCD module and the associated electronics which is a little softer on the eye.

I also didn't like the LCD metal housings poking through the case as they seem somewhat 'industrial', so I wanted a complete enclosure. This has a tendency to increase the amount of material used and indeed each half required 10 m of 1.75 mm filament

The curvy case is designed to be a generic case which can be modified for other uses based on the basic form.

It's designed to house a 100 x 60 mm PCB and feel comfortable in the hand. The strip board PCB is very minimalist as I don't use the SD card at the moment or have a need for a control knob. Huxley #710 has a dedicated computer with all the software loaded on it and a UPS, in case the power should fail.

Cases for things like Arduino and Raspberry PI's on Thingiverse tend to be a case of Form Follows Function. There are some elements of the design that retain links to accommodate the manufacturing process; however these are used in the design to aid functionality and usability as much as being dictated by the manufacturing process.

The prototype is in Faberdashery Arctic white, but the finished case is intended to be blue and white.

I haven't quite finished this yet, so its still a work in progress. The case form is stable but the case mounting to Huxley #710 has yet to be defined.

Here are some shots of the case.
Notice the update to the latest version of Marlin this week so now Huxley #710 announces its name on the screen.
Huxley #710 Curvy Panelolu 2 case X-ray
Huxley #710 Curvy Panelolu 2 case

Huxley #710 Curvy Panelolu 2 case strip board

Huxley #710 Curvy Panelolu 2 case

Thingiverse view of case - use mouse to zoom and pan