Friday, 21 December 2012

Christmas is going to be Fab..erdashery

Utterly fantastic service from Faberdashery

Thing 38444
I saw the robot and light sabre on Thingiverse this week and thought the boys might like to print one over the seasonal holidays. Along with the easier to print 'Mini Programable Cryptex' that has proven very popular at home and on Thingiverse. We needed more filament and fast! Before Christmas, I was not holding out much hope to say the least!

Faberdashery were recommended by the RepRap Pro guys down at Bath University and I have always been pleased with the quality of the Faberdashery PLA filament. My children tell me the smell is sweet when we print; although I personally can't detect any odour. Then again I have been working with polymers all my life, so it could be I just don't smell them anymore. The colour is always even through the roll and seems to be a consistent diameter based on my repeated measurements. I had a kink once in the tail end of a white roll but that could have been me, it pulled out readily enough. There have never been any issues with feed or blocking through the extruder and never any signs of excessive moisture in the filament which would lead to bubbles in the print.

Thing 37745
I ordered Robot silver and Bling Bling Gold and to my delight and amazement Faberdashery have managed to pull out all the stops and delivered our order, exceeding my expectations completely. 24 hours by post not a carrier, in the run up to Christmas with all the orders they must have had! The boys are ecstatic and its not even Christmas day!

Blink Bling Gold looks perfect for the Mini Programable Cryptex and the Robot Silver now looks as though it might offer a nice contrast for the separator segments.

If you have ever wonderd what a shipment from Faberdashery looks like, here are a few pictures (you can click on them for higher resolution images).
Chirstmas is HERE!
Beautiful colors
Look carefully!
It's Christmas just opening the pack! Look carefully under the beautiful Bling Bling Gold. There peeking from the bottom, is a beautiful sample of what looks like Raspberry Spark.

Compliments of the season and thanks Faberdashery.

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