Thursday, 30 August 2012

Less painless upgrade...

Arduino 23 software about screen
Arduino Version 23 For Marlin
I checked the latest release of Marlin this week and found that there has been an update. Having spent a little effort on getting Windows XP to run at 250000 baud, I elected to go for this upgrade on Huxley #710.

I am getting more confident with the Arduino platform as I now have some Arduino Leonardo's to play with and connected them to a Nokia 5110  LCD module from Sparkfun.

The Marlin software compiled and the upgrade went well, without any hitches. Then I looked again this evening on github and there is another upgrade available.  I don't think this affects me, so I am going with the version I have for the time being as I have a queue of printing to get done; including more requests for Minecraft Creepers.
Minecraft Creeper - Huxley #710 interpretation

The Windows XP 250000 baud tweak has been solid so far and its great for debugging, not having to worry about the baud rates of the Arduino software and the Marlin firmware.

I also posted an issue on the Marlin github site;  spelling correction only for today to see how these things work; as I get to grips with the structure of the Marlin code.

I have acquired some ATMega 1284PU parts this week to allow me play with larger software footprints at some point in the future. Perhaps LCD displays. I hope to try loading the boot loader onto these soon ready for playing.

The nasty surprise last weekend was the McAfee firewall issue that blocked the internet on our computers. I had to re-install McAfee on all the computers which took some time to say the least! Second time McAfee has mucked up. If you want to check the BT (British Telecom) service status you might try here. My solution was to use the McAfee MCPR tool to remove the McAfee software. On one Windows 7 installation (32 bit) this mucked up the machine so much I had to repair the installation from the Windows 7 disk. Not much printing as at result of McAfee's dogs dinner of a release, coupled with BT's lack of information to customers. The McAfee product is bundled in at the price of the Total broadband package giving up to 7 machine installations.

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