Sunday, 15 July 2012

Some Stuff ...MH-201 3v Electric Motor Model

There are a few things that don't get to the Blog for a number of reasons. This one is part of an idea for example. In the past I used a note pad or paper for ideas and that's still the case for the early start of an idea. But now people expect at the least a rapid prototype, preferably with basic functionality.
Hing Lung MFY MH-201 Motor

So as part of that project here is a spin off that can be placed in the public domain. An MH-201 STEP 3D motor model.

The motor was supplied in the Sparkfun Inventors Kit that I purchased for my children last Christmas. It has an Arduino in with all the sorts of bits anyone with any interest in electro mechanical ( Mechatronics ) bits should have.

As best as I can tell from my research the motor was manufactured by the Hing Lung Motor MFY in Hong Kong. However I was unable to locate a CAD model for it to allow me to design a bracket ( a rather non de script name for the unit ) that I need to design and subsequently print
Sparkfun Inventors Kit

As I wanted to post the CAD file as well for the Blog I ended up creating a Google account. So I will use the Google account for all things public. The STEP model being the first of these. As it's a 3D Solid model it can be tweaked and imported readily into most CAD systems whilst retaining a significant degree of fidelity. If you find a better model please let me know.

I ordered some more filament from Faberdashery last week. I have ordered some black this time as well as white. Delivery was amazing and sneaked in the bottom was a lovely sample of clear plastic filament. It's not a material I would have tried but now I have a sample I will certainly try it out.

One of the more public developments is the seed of an idea for a remote processing system for a 3D printer under the currently rather cheesy name of RepRapS. This is indented to remove the burden of processing for the user, drive down cost and perhaps allow single click printing (possible with innovations such as Ooze free unattended start ).

Of interest is the report on printing using mixed colour filaments by one of Adrian Bowyer's Masters students Myles Corbett's report, you can find it here.

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