Monday, 11 June 2012

Firmware Upgrade

Huxley #710 came supplied with Sprinter which seemed to work well enough.
But good reports seemed to be coming out about Marlin and I would like to fit an LCD to the Beastie.
I attempted to upgrade Huxley #710 quite soon after getting it running but ran into problems which it seems were created by installing the latest version of Arduino software.

After many hours of frustration I decided to give it a rest. On reading the Emakershop forum, one of the guys at Bath had managed an upgrade and so I passed a few messages across the Emakershop forum with the result that I discovered the most likely problem was the version of Arduino software.

So re-installed version 023 of the Arduino software and retried the upgrade with Sprinter.

New software loaded – total time to get working – 5 minutes.

TIP's – DON'T upgrade to Arduino 1.0 —- Arghhhhhhhhh (yet)

I pressed the reset button on the board after the compile message completed

In fact have now managed to install Marlin and am running the following general configuration at the moment: -

Sample Part Manufacturing Technical Documentation
Printer :Huxley #710 (RepRap Pro)
Firmware :Marlin 1.0.0 RC2
Software :RepRap Pro Software 811708f - Pronterface
Material :PLA - Faberdashery - Arctic White
Material Dia. :1.75 mm (Msd 1.80 mm )
Nozzle :0.4 mm
Layer height :0.2 mm
Layer width :0.6 mm
Extrusion T :205 C
Bed T :60 C
Feed Rate :28 mm/s
Perimter rat. :0.5
Cooling Fan :No

To justify all this time trouble and expense I fixed Kirby's cage..

This clip was lost from Kirby's (Cochon d'inde, il est Francais!) cage some time ago. The clip keeps the plastic coated wire frames in position on each corner of the cage. The clips then sit in the tray and the whole wire frame cage assembly is kept in place by metal clips pulling the top down onto the base. Without this clip the whole moves around and pops over the edge when opening the lid, replenishing water or just about any thing else you can think of.

The manufactured clip has a nice push fit over the wire held in place by the clips spring force and hook feature. I added an angle at 45 degrees on the underside of the wire retention clip to make it slightly easier to print. A taper on the top of the clip guides the wire into position nicely for a safe and positive assembly.
The white one shown in the photograph is a replacement (honestly) and fitted just like the original.

You can find it on Thingiverse under 24128
We have also printed Bender

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