Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Hope, in fact the name was inspired by another Bloggers site Faith. The inspiration to seriously start the project came from reading the efforts of Nophead and my drive to create and contribute.

So where am I?
I have researched for more than a 100 hours now and am attempting to procure parts with the aim of creating a McWire Cartesian Bot v1.2 or derivative. My aim is to source the frame and other sundry mechanical parts first before splashing out on the motors and electronics. B&Q the local DIY store was a complete waste of time as it didn't have any steel tubing and the quality of the steel threaded studding was very poor. As far as I can tell RS has galvanised tube and fittings but a plastic flange. I don't believe this will be stiff enough for my Dremel. So next stop is Plumb Centre for the tube and Flange, they might be cheaper than RS as well

If your wondering, I am currently based in the UK, midway between Leeds and Manchester.